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August 22, 2009


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Am Lovin this PVC fabric looks Great in the Bag Rosie...Looking Forward to your New Book...Like your New Profile Piccie...Nice.

Anne Thompson

Hi Rosalie, I've always loved your designs and the PVC coated fabric is a fantastic idea. When you talked about tablecloths and aprons I got quite excited - can't wait to purchase some of the fabric!


Loving that house fabric. Clever ring idea and bias tape. Well I just love it all. I've sewn a lunch bag once using heavy oilcloth...without a teflon foot. Lots of sweating and swearing. Do you use a teflon foot and does the material slide through easy while sewing or does it stick at all to your machine base and table?


Hi Rosalie!
i love your creations! I'll buy your book. francesca


The bias Tape and bracelets are a great idea! Cut section of print you chose for the pocket : )
I'm a fairly newbie sewer and am wondering if this PVC coated is something that would be suitable to make a rain coat with?


That last comment should say cute section of print. lol

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

They look great Rosie... love your toiletry bag! LOVELY! I can't wait till your fabrics are released.... I'm saving up!


The pvc fabric looks great. Looking forward to the Stitch-in!


The PVC fabrics are gorgeous.
Looking forward to buying some ... and the book too.

Lisa Pyke

Hi Rosalie, Love the PVC faric and the little toiletry bag! Looking forward to seeing you in Tassie at Campania on 31st Oct! Lisa

Claire - Matching Pegs

So much exciting stuff going on Rosalie!

In October we are moving into a bigger home and I will finally have a sewing room. I recently bought some April Cornell PVC fabric to cover the top of an old table that is going to be my very own cutting table.

Now I wish I had of held off on that purchase, to use something "home grown".

I think there are lots of great uses for this type of fabric, but the stuff I bought was the first roll I have seen to have the coating. I just have not seen it in the stores I have visited until now.

It is great to know that a whole range of your fabric will be available soon.

Good luck with the progress on your new book, I am sure it will be fab to be able to take it over to the US in October.

Kate quilts...

Just gorgeous. I've been looking for really pretty oil cloth for ages. :)

Sue Benson

Wow love the bag. Gorgeous use of bracelet, zip and bias. Looks too hard for me. Is it hard to sew. What needle and foot do you use? You'll be getting lots of questions on this one. Maybe a tutorial would be good. xx Sue

susan r

the pvc looks and sounds great! love the colours too! Iv'e just done one of your 'nellies sewing bags' I love that pattern. thanx so much sue~n.z.


I have fallen in love with this PVC coated fabric. Its beautiful and ingenious!! Love it! and cant wait to buy some. Hugs Vicki


Your bag looks awesome! Do you know if these fabrics will be in most stores? I would love to be able to purchase some! Or perhaps they will be available online somewhere? Would appreciate if you could let us know when you know!



Very creative. I would have probably used them for table cloths :)


Love the fabric & little bag! Can't wait to see them & your book in the flesh. Is it possible Spotlight could be a stockist? Would make it easier for those of us who don't have a Quilting store close by.


I can't wait to get my hands on some of your fabrics, especially the PVC coated ones.
Congrats on book 2 nearly being finished, then you can get back to Tatiana & Alexander *vbg*.
Blessings Always
Janelle xx
PS I finished Queen of Swords - luv the whole series, thanks for recommending it.


WOW! Gotta get these in my hot little hands. Will they be released in the States?


Super Excited!!! I LOVE the PVC fabrics. What a genius idea to use bracelets for the strap rings! I am so thankful you freely share your crafty ideas! I can't shout it enough how much I adore you and your sister's creativity!


I love it!! I love what Melly made, too. I can't wait until your book is released. I get inspired by seeing what you and the other Aussie gals make. ;0

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crasfts

Just gorgeous Rosie, love the fabrics and bias binding but the pleated pocket is my favourite. Cute cute cute

Jane Swanson

Where can I buy your fabrics? I love them, especially the PVC!

Granny Goose

These fabrics are absolutely beautiful, where can I buy them from. I love what you have created.


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