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June 02, 2008


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Kris Meares (Tag Along Teddies)

Hey Rosalie! Oooooh!! How GORGEOUS is your book!!! And how EXCITING for you to see all of your hard work coming together in such a beautiful way that will touch so many people, spread such joy and inspire people to be creative! Well done!! I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on it! Of course, they won't REALLY be grubby 'cos that would spoil the nice, new, pretty book! Tee! Hee! Hee! CONGRATULATIONS! Bear Hugs! KRIS (Tag Along Teddies)


Hi Rosalie, Just love the book! looks even better than i imagined! Cant wait to get stuck into all these gorgeous projects. The hard decision is which one will be first. I spoke to you just the other day when i put in a pre-order, so i will be waiting for my call from Creative Abundance with great expectation! Thanks again for another gorgeous creation!!! Sara's Quilting Hive!


The book looks wonderful- no wonder you are so pleased with it! Congratulations on a job well done. My "Nundle" cushion (which I notice features on the cover) is complete and I'm very pleased with it and will definitely try some more needleturn applique in the future.


What a beautiful book cover - I already think this is a 'must-have'...what else? (I hope it won't take ages to get it in Germany)
You must be so proud - and you're right with that ;o)


Looks Like A Must Have Book To Me Rosalie!!! Now what is next on that "My Career" List??? Must feel Pretty Awesome to have achieved & crossed this one off the List!!!


Hi Rosalie,
Congratulations. I will be placing my order at foothills I have one request and that is Would you be able to sign a copy for me so that I can send it to Janneke (My cousin ), In Groessen Holland

Natalie Ross

Well done 99! You should be SOOOOOOOO proud! Your book looks fantastic and will be one red hot best seller. go girl!! 8-))

Nat xx

catherine x

i just love your book cover it's just gorgeous,as i'm sure each and every project inside is as well...
i can't wait to get my copy-i'm bursting at the seam' long now...
congratulations on your achievement!!!well done...keep the creations coming...
blessings to you...xx

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh how exciting Rosie!!! What is the quickest way I can get hold of a copy over here in England? Which Aus shops will have it first? Lucy x


Congratulations Rosalie!!

Your book cover is every bit as scrumptious as I knew it'd be. You have a wonderful design style that I really love.

Hmmm 10 sleeps & counting, waiting for the next update. Can't wait to get myself a copy!


Congratulations. I am excitedly awaiting the release of this pattern. It look gorgeous. I love the front cover of your book. Fabulous job. Well done.


Congratulations. The book looks fantastic. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy, the snippets we have seen are so tempting, it's going to ba a case of what shall I make first. Well done. xx

Jo from the farm

Wow, the book cover looks fantastic. Congratulations...Hope the launch goes well. We are all eagerly awaiting its release. Good Luck, Luv Jo


How delicious! ..........I must have one. The cover just begs you to look inside - perfect!


Congratulations Rosalie! I really does look just beautiful and you know I will be stitching from it! x Rachel

Lisa R

Well done Rosie...the book looks gorgeous...can't wait to get my hands on it!!! You must be so pleased with it. You should be.


the book looks lovely! Hope it gets to the US soon!


What a lovely book!!! I will contact my Australien penfriends to send one to Germany... Best wishes from Munic (Germany)

The Happy Quilter

What a lovely book. How talented you are sewing, designing and writing a book. Looking forward to seeing the book in the UK. Do you know which UK shops will have it?


Finally!! Wohoo...Have to keep my eyes out for this one!! 10 days!!! Tooo long..*S*


Congratulations! I am also excited where it will be available.

Lots of Greetings from Germany :)


Beautiful book cover Rosie - I am waiting patiently - ordered my copy last week at Precious Time in Toowoomba. Counting the days!!


Hi Rosalie,
I just popped over to have a quick read of your blog & I find your BOOK!! How exciting, I can't wait to buy my very own copy.
HUGE Congratulations on a dream come true.
Janelle xx

Lynda B

Looks great, you should be proud!!


A lovely cover - can't wait to see whats inside
Lisa x

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