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June 27, 2009


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Rouge cerise

Hi Rosie,
I'm the first to leave a comment! I'm so happy and proud to have this opportunity! Congratulations for your new starting project! I'm really already impatient to discover it and will love it, as all your creations!
Best regards
Rouge cerise


Oh Rosie that fabric looks so yummy,so delicate looking. I can't wait either till it hits the shelves and am excited about your 'new book'.
Hugs & Blessings
Dawn x


hi Rosalie, I'm a new visitor, Oh my goodness all of your peeks are just divine! Your fabric looks so good too. Good luck with the book!

Maree .W

Oh My Rosie...I would be Impatient too If I were waiting for all that Fabric...How Cool..Looking forward to Another Book...Hope it Arrives Soon for

Amy @ parkcitygirl

How VERY exciting! Love your peeks - always beautiful :)


your fabrics looks sooo great. Thanks for showing. I'm working on you stitchery at the Stitchery BOM- Fun.It will be fun to see yoyr new book. Hugs from Norway..


A whole bolt of each fabric. You must be just about busting!!!!
Good luck with getting all your projects under your belt (and to schedule)!!
I must admit, it seems like a lovely way to earn a quid!
Andi :-)

Alice I.

Hi Rosalie, I just read your blog (it had been a while...sorry), and found that CONGRATULATIONS are in order! How exciting to have a fabric line. And a bolt of each fabric? WOW! That is so exciting! The sneek peak of your stitchery is so cute. I am anxious to try the Cosmo floss. Again, congrats!


Woooo hooo 35 whole bolts of your own fabric. How fantastic!!!! Can't wait to see your designs x Rachel

Maree @ Farmyard Crafts

You are such a teaser!! Not saying that I don't appreciate the sneak peeks!! I can't believe you'll have that much fabric of your own!!! Wowsers! That's awesome!! I'll have to start saving (while I'm on my fabric diet) so I can get loads of your fabric when it's released!! Congrats!!

Barbara Graham

WOW What gorgeous fabrics and how lucky are you to be receiving 35 FULL bolts of your very own designed fabric.You must be on such a high right now.I can't wait to see what you create with all this special fabric :) Barb.


the pain and suffering you will have to endure getting a whole bolt of all the am sure the wait will be worth it......


That aqua bouquet with strawberries.
Seriously too cute!

Helen Yann

Where can we get those threads from Rosie?? Keep up the great work. Cheers

Karen aka Grammy Mac

That's going to be a whole lot of lovely fabric to play with...can't wait to see what you come up with;)


Wow, what a great thing to have written into a contract!! A whole bolt of each one. Enjoy when they arrive!


I can't imagine that you would be being patient since you were champing at the bit to get the fabrics when you were at Inspired Stitches....looking forward to the new will be a busy girl! Don't forget to take some time out to breathe!!


Having entire bolts of your fabric must be a dream come true!!! And yet another book this year, what more could a girl want? I love all the sneak peeks, can't wait to see the whole project.

Mary Grace McNamara

Your fabrics are just too delicious! And a whole bolt of each must just be overwhelming! Can't wait to see what you come up with which I'm sure will be equally fabulous!



Hi--love this! How exciting!

jen duncan

Oh I could just keel over from the sheer cuteness of it. Looks like you + Lecien = a match made in heaven!


Oh you brave girl!. . . to do a book too! I am in awe! I love the peeks of your fabric. . . can't wait till it all comes! ;o)
xo, Bren


Just so excited for you Rosalie. I just can't wait for your new book AND wonderful fabric. At least the weather is great for lots of stitching and designing.


Very yummy fabric - glad you will get to play with it, great deal you made there. Have fun!!


What a hardship indeed!! But what a book it will be too! I wish you every success!! (and I'm sure it will be!)

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