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July 16, 2009


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Maree @ Farmyard Crafts

Wishing you a really happy thirty tenth birthday for tomorrow!! That's awesome news that you've received your three year all clear from the drs! :) You are very mean though.... we want pictures!!!! ;) Hope you've been having a blast playing with your new fabrics and that Melly hasn't 'stolen' too much of it!!!! Take care and have a wonderful day tomorrow! :)

Sonia Bowers

Can't wait for the sneaks of those fabrics.

Happy joint Birthday to a fellow 17th of July girl....aaaahhh your thoughts were mine last year...but tomorrow sees me turning that 41 and thirty - eleven just doesn't sound as good.

take care and enjoy your playing.


Thirty-ten. . . lol! I've never heard it called that! Too funny! But I do wish you a wonderful Birthday & am celebrating the gift of you! :o) Have fun with your binding of that very special quilt! Woo-hoo!
xo, Bren

Mary Grace McNamara

If that's what you want, then thirty-ten it is! Congratulations on all the wonderful accomplishments and milestones you have to celebrate on this great day! Warm wishes for a great many more 'tens' added to that thirty!


Ruth B

Happy Birthday Rosalie! I am thrilled with your good health report and so happy for you and your new fabric line. You are a very talented lady and our world is richer because you are in it!

Jo from the farm

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSIE, enjoy celebrating your special day. May God continue to bless you in many amazing ways in the years to come :-)) Happy Stitching, Love Jo xx
PS Can't wait to get my hands on your beautiful fabric...


Happy Birthday Rosalie. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Jeanette


Happy Happy Birthday

don't think of it as the big 40, think of it as though you are

20 years old, with 20 years experience :)

Have a fabulous birthday


I didn't know it was your birthday! Many happy wishes to you! Thirty ten is better than forty ten (ick, call me in November). I am so glad you are well and this has turned out to be your year!


Happy Birthday Rosie. Congrats on the three year clear with you health as well. Best wishes for the future and I look forward to seeing what you have created with your very own fabric range. WOO HOO!!!
Cheers Sue


Congratulations on your birthday and to be such a strong person. I admire you even more. Have fun and enjoy the day

Nell Ward

Happy Birthday!
Looking forward to meeting you at The Patchwork Apple next Sunday.


Congratulations on reaching this momentous birthday! It is a great age. Make sure your family spoils you rotten!


Happy Birthday to you and congrats at getting the all clear, good news.


"Happy Thirty Ten Birthday" to you & Congrats on the three yr all clear!!Also a huge congrats on your amazing fabric range,just gorgeous!!I too can't wait to be able to get some(mmm can I be your sister too,then I could also "Steal" some,Lol..)all the best.
Catherine xx


Happy Birthday for tomorrow Rosie, its mine also but I am older (49). The forty's are great and what a way for you to enter them with a great result from your check up-wahoo, slide in to your 40's with a smile on your face and a wine glass in your hands!!

jen duncan

Yes, I'd have to agree you're a very lucky girl, indeed. Happy Birthday. :-)


Many many angel hugs and blessings for your birthday Rosalie. May the years ahead be filled with an abundance of love, joy and good health.


Happy 40th Birthday. May you have many more.

God bless


Congratulations Rosie, life starts at 40! I can tell you! And the three years clear needs to be celebrated too! I’m so happy for you!
Love and hugs))


Blessings to you for a very Happy Birthday dear Rosie. Great news from your specialist. Many, many more happy days to come. Keep going on those lovely projects from your fabrics - I know we will all love them!!
A wonderful day tomorrow to you!


Good wishes for many more birthdays Rosie...and great news from the specialist....may your good health continue! How exciting to be working on a project from your very own't wait to see some pics....are you bringing some samples to the Hills....?


Wow, seems like the birthday blessings have started to roll in early, so I hope they keep on coming all week! Happy Birthday! Thanks for all your beautiful designs :)


Hi. Happy birthday hugs from Norway. Enjoy the day ;-)


Do hope you have had a wonderful day celebrating the fact that you are still around to enjoy this momentous occasion. Best wishes, Rosie

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