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August 25, 2009


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Hi Rosalie,
I actually asked my rep yesterday about your fabric range and said that I'd have to wait another couple of months to see it in the meantime I'll just have to drool over your photos. Good luck with the new book - it looks great!
Cheers Linda :)


The cover looks amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on it! Yay! And the fabic! Ohhh, sooo exciting!

Rachelle Jones

Rosalie, it all looks wonderful. Deb and I were chatting about your lovely fabric range last week.

I can't wait!

Rachelle x



How exciting,your book looks great. I wish I could go to Houston too. Can you fit me in your

Sandy N


The Cover looks Fabulous..Congrats once again.


I'm sure your book will be a big seller as will your fabric. You have such a fresh and lovely style.

Riches Stitches

Your book looks so inspiring. Can't wait to get my hands on one.
Jane 80)


Oh gosh Rosalie, your cover looks just divine! I can wait though...I still have SO many projects that I'd like to complete from "Gift" that I really don't need another distraction :) I have no doubt that your new fabric will be very popular, just hope I can get my hands on some!
Have fun in Houston (I'm so jealous LOL)


How exciting! I'm drooling just looking at the cover.


I can't wait to buy your lovely book! I wish I could go to Market!


oooooooo! Love the cover of the book....what an exciting time for you with the fabric range and the book.....and a trip to Houston...take it all in and enjoy it deserve it!


YAY!!! Everything looks lovely - so excited for you!!


The book looks fab, well done. I still haven't got Melly's book, so I think I'll put both books on my
Christmas wish list, what a Merry Christmas it will be if I receive both. Have fun in Houston - do you need any helpers?? LOL Kelly :-)

Amy - parkcitygirl

looks amazing!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Can't wait, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

But why oh why couldn't it be ready for my birthday next week! Such bad planning Rosie ;o)

Lucy xxx


The cover looks just wonderful.. cant wait until it is out in the shops!!!! :o))


The book cover looks stunning! I can't wait to buy the book. You two have fun in Houston! ;0


The book looks amazing! Can't wait to hold it and look at the glorious projects.


Cover looks fab!!!


Fantastic. It looks great. Can't wait to see it.

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Rosie... the cover looks beautiful!! What a long four weeks it'll be till it's released!! Hope that you are doing okay with preparing for Houston! Should be a busy but awesome trip for you all!! :)

Lyn Lindsay

Hi Rosalie, can't wait either for the book, have a great time in Houston, lucky girls but I imagine hard work, hope much is gained out of it.
Look forward to pickies and news of the event.


Congratulations Rosie, I'm so looking forward to the release of your book and also your gorgeous fabrics.


Can't wait Rosie, it all looks gorgeous!! Just hoping you bring some sneak peeks to Glenharrow in a few weeks!


Hi. Congrats with your new book. It looks soo Great- A realy Must Have Book.
I love your fabrics and hop I will be able to get them here in Norway.

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