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August 05, 2009


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Ooee!! Looks absolutely delish! Those birdies...major swoon! *Will be purchasing book*

You're such a busy bee!


Can't wait until tomorrow!


Good luck with the writing! Can’t wait to see all the fabrics and designs! Love the bird!

Mary Grace McNamara

Beautiful! The colors are fabulous and of course the designs too! Looks like your little pink birdie is ready to fly away!



What a "tweet" post. Such delicious colors and tantalizing sneak peeks. :O) And I love cageless birds.

Willeke van der Wal

Hi Rosalie, These pictures are sure pretty. I am verry curious for the next sneaky peek.
By the way, the fabrics are beautifull as well.


how fun!! the pictures turned out beautifully. i love the bird in her cage. so sweet.

dotti white

These sneak peeks are wonderful and painful, too--I want to see more! Thanks for sharing, though!

Amy - parkcitygirl

Beautiful! Best of luck as you finish up :)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Oh, those lucky people that will be getting that amazing fabric in the mail.
Your sneaky peaks are fun.

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Rosie... everything looks beautiful! :) Well done! :) Did you buy the wicker basket with the flowers on it especially to match?? Couldn't be any better colours!!!! Hope the rest of the book writing process goes smoothly for you... can't wait to see more! :)

Robyn...... of  'Robyn's Nest '

Rosalie the quilt is nothing short of devine. Gosh I wish I had daughters! And the baskets where did you find them? Did you have the baskets before you designed the fabric? If so I can see the inspiration for the blue. Or did you design the fabric & then just happen to find a basket that is a perfect match?


The photos all look lovely, a real pleasure to look at :)


All so lovely and a definite welcome spring vibe.


Oh Rosie they are so lovely and sew(he he) you. I can't wait to see the book finished and have a drool! Well done, I am sure this one will be a great hit too.
Hugs and Blessings to you.


Glad to see you are surviving all the work! Can hardly wait to see more! So pretty!

Jo from the farm

I love the quilt, the fabrics are gorgeous... All the best with your writing... Love Jo xxx


WOW!!! Rosie love the sneak peaks. You and Leanne have done a fantastic job. Cant wait to get my hands on some of your fabrics and your new book. Well done.
Cheers Sue


Thanks for the sneak peaks, it all looks so gorgeous - as always! DH already knows it's on my wish list.
Blessings & Much Love
Janelle xx
PS Just started 'Queen of Swords' :)


Rosie, the book looks cool. I adore the intensity of the blue in the photo, just makes me smile, it is so cheery and fresh.


Couldn't be lovlier!


These pictures are really lovely! Can't wait to see your new book and ofcourse the new fabrics. Veel succes met schrijven ^_^ (good luck with the writing)


Looking very fun...I love the turquoise and red;)


I'm swooning over that 2nd photo, it's pure bliss!

Lyn Lindsay

Ah, Rosalie the sneak peek looks great soooo (sew) fresh and inviting, the colours are gorgeous and the birds, wonderful, wouldn't mind some for my cages...
Happy compiling.

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