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September 07, 2009


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hi rosalie,
well what a beautiful song! and such a romantic gift. there are some other great pieces there i had a listen too also.

julie :)


Sounds like a good system you have there!

I LOVE Leon - when you first showed him I put his picture straight into my Tumblr "poolroom"! Thank you for being so generous.

Miriam F

Sweet song. Very sweet.


Happy Birthday(a few days late)!
I'd love to win Leon, he is very cute.
Lotta in Sweden

Siv Hege Arnesen

What a romantic present!! Love Leo!


Leon is so cute. I have a whole lion collection, since I'm a Leo, but all were gifts-none that I made! This would really make my collection complete!


Leon is a bit georgeous Rosie!
You are also very lucky to have a hubby to sing lovely songs to you....what a wonderful birthday gift!

Mary Grace McNamara

Oh, I would love to win a pattern for Leon! Now off to listen to your birthday present!


Heather W.

Leon is great! My 3 yr old asks me to make him every time I pull up your blog.


That is such a lovely B'day gift. Your hubby has quite a talent both writing and singing.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Leon is adorable Rosie! And how amazing to have a song written for you and RECORDED for your 40th birthday - that could almost make it worth it!!


Somehow I think a song especially for you by your loving husband will be the best birthday gift EVER! You sound like a great team. Lucky you. Leon is just darling, I mean, handsome.


The song is beautiful and the lion is fun. I will be a happy winner!
June in Norway


I absolutely love Leon! I hope I'm not too late for this!

Sue Bone

You are both very gifted people.


Very sweet song. You are lucky with Leon!


Leon is really cute!
I've just listened to your song...sooo sweet! A great birthday present! you're so lucky!

Anne Heidi

That is a beautiful song! wow, what a great musician and singer your husband is! And he helps write your patterns too???!!! OMG you are so blessed! I hope my two boys get as good as him- they practice a lot (especially our 10 yr. old who has his drumset in his room right above the livingroom!) Fun when the two of them try to be louder than each other on the drums and guitar LOL. Gotta love'em though!


You are one lucky gal! Thanks for the giveaway!


I love him... I hope to be a winner... Thanks for all your beautiful patterns.



sarebbe fantastico vincere questo leoncino.
Adoro le tue creazioni.
sono molto fantasy
Un'abbraccio coloratissimo



Leon is so sweet. Would be so great to win the pattern. Thanks for the chance. Really lovely song..


What an incredible birthday present -- the song is beautiful! Happy Birthday!


sarebbe bellissimo vincere il tuo leoncino.
adoro le tue creazioni,
sono molto fantasy.
Un'abbraccio coloratissimo


Synnoeve Kristiansen

I love Leon! He's sooo cute! And I would love to win a pattern:-)
And happy birthday!

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