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November 25, 2009


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Gloria J W

Ohhh Rosalie... I'm sorry!! Such news always makes me sad. I don't think there is a family that hasn't been touched by this horrible disease. I hope the flowers cheered you up a little. Rainbow smiles... Gloria


Rosalie,so sorry to hear the sad news,thinking of you-with tears as i write,a new and amazing,extra special friend of mine was diagnosed approx 12mnths ago,she is in a good place at the moment,I hope & pray they do find a cure....
Beautiful flowers,well deserved....
Hugs Catherine xx


Hi Rosalie,
sorry to read about your friend, it's always so sad when it is someone so young....
We have had breast cancer in our family, my mother and her sister both had agressive forms and have recovered and all of us girls keep an eagle eye on ourselves and the grandaughters as well, what always amazes me is the human spirit and my Mum is in that mode she just gets on with it...I guess you just have to give thanks for the small things...

Chris NZ


Thinking of you and your friend's family -- and good thoughts to your gram on her birthday!


Your fabric is wonderful - and I am the proud owner of some of it too!
Oma - will be proud! My husband is dutch :)
That is very very sad news. My very good friend is having an operation today to have her breast implants corrected, as over the last three years she has had a double mastectomy, and the implants were done at different times, and are very different shapes.


Speaking of breast cancer, have you seen this little bit of news from the States

It really makes me angry, because you know the insurance companies are going to jump on board with this information and we will see a rise in deaths from breast cancer again. Hopefully the Susan G. Kolman foundation will fight it if it comes to that.



Sorry to hear the sad news.... Very sad for the family she left behind.

Hugs and a cure.

Sandy N

Lynelle Slade

Hi Rosie,

Sorry to hear your sad news. I have lost both my chemo buddies (two lovely gents in the mid 50-60's). I found out about them both on the same day - very sad.
I agree that life tends to carry on as normal BUT I thank God everyday or this precious life and for the second chance I've been given and my wonderful miracle baby. And for the wonderful people I have met and befriended through cancer...a blessing in disguise?
Take care and give my love to all my Melbourne friends!
Love Lynelle


Hugs from North America to Australia and every other country where a woman needs to be hugged and told she is loved and will always be remembered.


oh no, not again! rosie, sadly you've gone through this before, and can do it again. words seem hopeless at times like this, so just know that you and your friend's family are in my thoughts!
huge hugs,
julie xox


I'm so sorry for your loss, and my thoughts go out to you and to your friend's family.


I am so very sad at your loss and that of your friends family. words can never convey the emotions we try and express, but know that my thoughts are with you at this time.
Your fabric range is such a tribute to your Oma.


I'm sorry Rosie, it is very hard... all my best wished for you and all the women with this problem, a big kisses for her family

lyn lindsay

Congratulations Rosalie on your success with you fabrics and your room looks great, be proud, you deserve to be.
Sorry to hear the news of your friend and all I can say as a survivor exactly the same time as you is FAITH< HOPE and LOVE these are what will allow us to continue on...the faith in God, our hope of an eternal future and the love of God and our precious friends and family. It all keeps me going and living life to the norm, I am constantly asked to pray for people I know suffering with cancer and so I do keeping in mind that is very rampent but much work is being done to treat we who experience.
Mmmm, faith, hope and love to you at this time.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Oh Rosie that is sad news - and I can understand how deeply it must be affecting you. Take care. Lots of love Lucy xxx


Sorry for the sad news. Hopefully with all the awareness and money raised for research they will find a cure! Happy 90th birthday to your grandmother. Your line of fabric is a lovely tribute to her. My grandma was one of the most special people in my life too.


I'm so sorry to hear your sad news. We are all praying for a cure. Sending you ((hugs)) of comfort.

happy stitches

hi rosalie,

my thoughts are with you and their families.
Congratulations with oma!


Fiona Ransley

Rosalie - I am saddened by the loss of your friend. I too pray that a cure will be found very soon. I assist with local breast canbcer fundraising annually - Hopefully our efforts are helping the cause to find a cure.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

So sorry to hear about your friend. I know that can be very hard to deal with in your circumstances but you have so much to be positive about.
Yes, a cure so our daughters never have to deal with this terrible killer.

clare's craftroom

Oh Rosalie I'm so sorry for that girl and her family . It must have been a real kick to you too , take care of yourself .

Anita Westerveld

Dear Rosalie, a big big hug from the Netherlands for you. I'm a cancer survivor too and you belong to a club you'd rather not be a member off. Every day you wake up and greet your loved ones is a good day, despite other sorrows you may have. Take care, Anita.

Mary Ann

My thoughts are with you, Rosalie.
Take good care of yourself.


Oh what sad news. My thoughts with you...

Marian Edwards

i can only imagine what mixed emotions you're experiencing right now, Rosie..a close friend of mine was diagnosed with it recently and i simple cannot fathom the hell she's going thru not to mention what it's doing to her husband & teenage's ssoo bloody unfair!..take care xx

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