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May 10, 2010


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I LOVE it... wow.. it looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the finish item and your new book!!

Sandy N

Ruth B

Rosalie, your stitching is as gorgeous as the thread! I would love to buy some of the 2 strand Cosmo but I'm afraid my satin stitch wouldn't look like yours! Congrats on the new book!!

Carol Lee

wow love the look of your new patterns, looking forward to the new book in time for Christmas.

'Robyn' of Robyn's Nest

the thread is just divine...... and you are such a tease showing us what's ahead later this year


Gorgeous! Can't wait to see your new fabric and book...


Can't wait!!! Can't Wait!!! Those stitcheries are divine....


both the designs and threads are lovely! Looking forward to seeing more of both.

Lisa Pyke

Gorgeous! Wish my satin stitch is as lovely as yours...but I haven't given up...still practising!


Your Stitching is Beautiful Rosie & those Threads are Gorgeous...


Rosalie, the threads are gorgeous but I must say your stitching is better! Your work is so beautiful... I only hope with practice I can get even half as good :)


Your stitching and the threads are fabulous!


Wow! I love the icy cool blue and the warm pink. Very, very pretty!


What exquisite stitching! The threads are very pretty, I do hope we shall be bale to get them in the UK.


The stitching is beautiful.


Your work is beautiful! Nothing else to say. Just BEAUTIFUL.


Those threads are gorgeous! And I can't wait to see your new fabric. If its anything like your first release, I'm sure they'll be lovely.


You are so good at teasing us !!! Love the designs, love the threads and love your stitching. Ah well, I guess I just have to be patient. *Sigh*


Rosie, your designs are beautiful, and the threads just devine. Love it all!


oh yummy yummy, your stitching is beautiful Rosie, I know you've had lot's of practice! Looking forward to the final reveal :)

auntie pami

All I can say is "wow".

Erica K

I'm just amazed by how perfect your stitching is. I'd swear it was done by machine! The color changes are wonderfully subtle...very nice!

Sharon Hunting

I love the colours - I am a sucker for variegated type threads...I thought the blue was so beautiful until I scrolled down and saw the pink.... Looking forward to seeing more...

John'aLee Burk

Your work is absolutely stunning. I have just started hand embroidery....and your work is what I aspire to!Thanks for sharing.

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