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December 18, 2010


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Rosalie: I greet you for this holiday, and say you really are a very generous person, and I love to go to your blog, as well as well as that of your friend Natalie Ross, Thanks for all the years of wonderful embroidery and stitches from Argentina a hug. Vero



Congratulations to Richies Stitches... you are going to LOVE Rosalie's material....

Congratulations too to your daughter.... what great news. I will be doing it all with my daughter in 2012!!! help me!!



Congratulations Riches Stitches, what a fabulous xmas gift from Rosalie for you, how exciting.
Fantastic news for your daughter Rosalie, you have every right to be proud.
Our 2 have just passed yr 2 and yr 1 of university and I know how thrilled we were.


so happy for Laura... and yeah to get the placing.. congrats to Riches Stitches...
hugs Dawn x x


darn it wasn't me who

congrats to your girl......great results.......


darn it wasn't me who

congrats to your girl......great results.......

Maree @ Farmyard Crafts

You're such a generous and awesome person to give away a whole FQ pack! I do have to admit that I've stashed mine away for later one! Congratulations to Laura! Well done!


Just discovered this blog and the Melly and me blog. Love it muchly!

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I am anxious to see what comes's pretty so far..


Love, love, love this fabric! I'm trying to find a store in Canada or the US that carries all 35 fabrics of Sweet Broderie. Help!!!

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