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August 03, 2011


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I am so sorry... May you have peace and encouragement and help and love in your life..

melinda gibson

love you xxxx

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

Hi Rosie.... what a post. I really don't have any words right now. Please know that I am praying for you and your family. God is wonderful and has given you an amazing outlook on the situation. In all things, praise God. Wishing you all the best as you go through this amazingly difficult time. You are an inspiration.

Helen Yann

Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.With love and quilty hugs xxx


Hey Rosie...........i'm sure you'll fight this battle and win again..........and design an amazing BOM as it's all happening.........hey you can still be the Vietnam control freak until they fly care and wishing you all the best.........positive attitude goes a long way..........i'll be sending you some extra positive thoughts........

Robyn of Robyns Nest

Rosalie,the strength you have is shown by the words you've written on this blog post. I admire your strength & your great outlook. I don't know what else to say .......... except you will be in my thoughts


Dear Rosalie, I will continue to send positive thoughts in your direction. Hold on to everything that is good in your life. Thanks you for sharing such private news with so many people because we can focus our thoughts to support you.


All my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and friends at this time. Take care.


Rosie - thinking of you and please know that you are in my prayers and that I'm sending lots of love your way. xoxo


Kia kaha (stay strong)

Rose (NZ)


Rosalie, I am so sorry to hear this news but glad to see you are keeping a positive attitude. You have a lot of "online" friends that will be here to support and pray for you along the way. love and hugs



Praying for you! God's peace is a wonderful thing, isn't it!!


You will definitely be in my prayers. Your designs have brought such happiness to my life, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Feel safe in God's loving arms.

Helen M

It's lovely that your surgeon is a quilter - you're in good hands. Get lots of rest and let your family spoil you. Hugs, Helen Murti


oh, rosie. this is so unfair. i am sending you all my best love and wishes. i really hope this time the treatment knocks it out for good.
*big hugs*


Dear Rosalie.....

So sorry to read your posts... but in my heart I am happy to read that you have a faith in the same God that I do... He is your "Rock".... You are in his loving arms... he will carry you. I will keep you in my prayers....

I am going through the same thing at this moment....Thyroid cancer again... for me.. tests and treatment... so I will pray for you each time I have tests and of course each day....

May God bless you....



I am so sorry to hear your bad news, I hope the treatment goes well and I am sure you will look super cute in those bandanas!


Dear Rosalie, sorry to hear your news. Sending good positive energy your way. Hugs


My Wish For You
Comfort on difficult days,
Smiles when sadness intrudes,
Rainbows to follow the clouds,
Laughter to kiss your lips,
Sunsets to warm your heart,
Gentle hugs when spirits sag,
Friendships to brighten you being,
Beauty for your eyes to see,
Confidence for when you doubt,
Faith so that you can believe,
Courage to know yourself,
Patience to accept the truth,
And love to complete your life.


Thankyou for sharing with us such a Very Private part of your Life.
You have a Great Attitude which is all one can ask for and will Help You Immensley.
You are in my Prayers while you travel this Journey.
Huge Hugs.

Joy :o)

So sorry to hear this Rosalie. You're in my prayers and I'm sending loving positive thoughts your way.
Joy xx


I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this again! Sending good thoughts and lots of prayers and hugs your way! :0)

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Hugs and prayers Rosalie!


When I see the first evening star in the sky each night, my wish will now be for your speedy recovery. Stay strong and know we are all with you.


Thank you for sharing your difficult situation with us. May we provide a measure of hope and strength when you need it most. You can do it!!

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