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October 15, 2011


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Wendy S

Hi Rosalie,

Your retreat looks like a really nice place to go. I love your new patterm/kit & can't wait to make it. I have a couple of friends who will truely appreciate it.


Your new pattern is very beautiful.
Best wishes.
Martine - FRANCE


Your stitchery is beautiful! I just fought and won a battle with breast cancer and I will be looking for the kit for sure. Take care and God bless.

auntie pami

Pink linen! You are so lucky! I'm very happy you are all snuggly in your bed getting better. Hope to see you in Hawaii (I've aleady mentioned it to my husband). Hugs!


Nice to see you back.....the stitchery is gorgeous as is the gorgeous place you've been retreating to, can I retreat there too or can your friend come and make me a lovely retreat over here, with the winter coming I need somewhere warm to stitch LOL


Lovely stitchery. Friends are the best medicine. ;0


Adorable new stitching! Love it!

Big hugs,


This stitchery is so beautiful. I have 2 friends here at work dealing with breast cancer and one dealing with stomach cancer. This will be a perfect gift for each of them. I'm continuing to keep you in my prayers and sending you good thoughts.

melinda gibson

Amazing :} xxx


So happy to hear from you! Glad your ok and we're all praying for you.
Beautiful new pattern. Can I order it for my website through Creative Abundance yet? I love it and my customers are asking for it.


what a beautiful stitchery Rosalie! Thank you for another inspiring design in beautiful dusty pinks! rest up and take care xx

Jill Kennedy

Hi Rosalie, just wishing you good luck and all the best with your treatment. Just backtracked through your blog - I didn't know til now that you were unwell again. I'm so sorry to hear that, my thoughts are with you. I have made so many of your designs and have your books - they are all beautiful. I especially love making the soft toys you have designed. I feel as if I know you as I've been following your career for a long time through the craft magazines etc. My sister and another close friend are both breast cancer survivors and I am aware how hard this must be for you. Regards, Jill xx

Sue Benson

Oh Rosalie, it's absolutely beautiful and thankyou for the suggestion. I do have a beautiful friend also going thru chemo and more chemo. I have to do this. And best wishes to you too in your trials and tribulations. xxx Sue


As I understand, I've fought in 2008 for the same thing. Strength and courage. This embroidery is truly a marvel.

Jenny of Elefantz

Beautiful...straight from the heart and filled with truth. My best friend is a breast cancer survivor and I'd love to stitch it for her.
Thanks're a blessing.


Your work is beautiful and you are so inspirational to me. I hope the journey ahead is stitched with love and woven with incredible power to overcome whatever you have to.

Auntie Pami

Just wanted to check on you. Hope you are well rested and all better. Hugs! Hope to see you in Hawaii!


Un precioso bordado.
Te amando un fuerte abrazo.


You can, of course!! All my best wishes and love for you Rosalie, a big kiss from Spain.

suzie sews at Dotty Red

not been to visit for a while, how sad I was about your chemo. as ever what an inspiration you are. as for the stitchery... just so pretty... your in my thoughts.

Gail Highland UT, USA

I also had breast cancer - 13 years ago - and two scares since then. I hope (and literally pray) that you'll do very, very well. I sincerely send my very best wishes. XO


Keep going, you can do this. Love the stitchery. Jane

Lisa R

Hi Rosalie, you have been in my thoughts of late...Ihoping that you are doing OK...Blessings and Prayers as always...Lisa xx

Francisca R.

Hello Rosalie,
just wanted to say that my thoughts and prayings are with you, hope you´ll do well!
Thanks for the beautifull deaigns!

Laila Skauge

Hope you are feeling better, and that you'll be "back on track" very soon! Get well wishes from Norway

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